We create Unicorns focused on the well-being of the whole

We facilitate reflective disruption, where all the stakeholders involved in bringing an innovation to live come together, look in the mirror, and make a conscious attempt at having an integral view of what an invention is to the benefits it can provide. Such, we create a clear picture of the invention, the market potential, and a model for moving forward.

As our objective is to reframe the current business development model, we continuously shift from hard engineering to human engineering, in order to deliver value behind the individual welfare and address current major economic schism. Throughout the process, we continue to build from the inside to outside, through collective inquiry, holistic knowing and co-creativity.

We propose a new paradigm through an innovative definition:

The old

The classical definition refers to only one business dimension: a company that has a market value of over $1 billion. This level proves that this company reached a global impact in term of value recognition.

The new

Unicorn means more than a successful business that makes a lot of money, it is also an enterprise that makes a difference in the world in terms of nature and society.

Our UNICORN has 3 dimensions, that are equally important: