We are a team of dreamers.

We have the courage to follow our dreams and the power to make them happen


We love money and technology

We put them at work for the humanity. We treat our projects as Unicorns, wild animals, the symbol of purity and grace, entitled with magic powers. In business, a Unicorn is an enterprise that reached global success and recognition.

A life of evolution

Behind the magic there is always a path of excellence, of thorough and sustainable evolution. We have the grit to follow this path and to innovate every step of the way. We look with a child fresh eyes and think with a curly brain.

Back to harmony

We need Unicorns to restore the splendour of the Earth, the deep connection between humans and nature and to unleash the infinite potential of our inner world. Let’s make them rise and shine!

As the world is touched by a Unicorn …

Dies and rebirths. Reconnects to its deeply blue, peaceful and profound heart.


Taps into a deeper level of humanity, carefully reconsidering who we really are and who we want to be as a society.


Shifts the inner place from which it operates, so that it can materialize ideas that change the root cause of current global disruptions in terms of finance, food, fuel, resource scarcity, climate chaos and mass poverty.


Magically smooths the path for ideas that will bring forth structural changes.


Brings to the fore technologies through which the needs of all living beings are met.

The strongest motivation of people emerges from the desire to contribute to a better world.

Knowledge behind magic

While every novelty is passed through the filter of experience, we also embrace it with curious eyes and open minds.

Money for growth

Aiming at developing the organizations, not merely getting some funds, through TDP Partners we helped financing over 1,000 companies from a wide range of industries:

Agriculture, Industry, IT&C, Research & Development & Innovation, Environment, Public Infrastructure, Services, and Strategic Planning.

The right use of resources

As initiators and co-founders of ACRAFE, one of the most representative Romanian professional organization in the consultancy field, we managed to optimize the administration of grants in economy.

Thrive through cooperation and healthy competition

Acting as the project manager of representative groups of organic food and furniture producers, under the Swiss-Romanian cooperation program, we supported Romanian companies to become more competitive on foreign markets, by means of not only training, but also supporting them to exhibit their products at international prestigious exhibitions and sale.

Education for transformation

As co-founder of ROI (Bee Swarm) NGO, we ignited communities able to generate transformational projects in education. Our volunteer experts contributed to the design and delivery of trainings for over 1,300 teachers and helped 5 high schools to obtain outstanding results.

Romania by bike

Through Cycling Romania we promote cycling as a sustainable way of life: nature friendly, discovering local culture and emblematic people. In 2012-2013, Cycling Romania produced first integral cycling map of the Romanian’ side of Danube, around 500 kilometres.