There is enough for everyone

No need to deplete the nature of resources, we can regenerate nature, reutilise resources and make a better redistribution of what we already have. Our focus is on sustainability. No need to compete for survival or wealth destroying our humanity in this process. We are now, as a human species, able to ensure the necessary resources for the prosperity of all people and in harmony with our planet.

Our way of thinking is integral and inclusive

Everything is valuable and has something useful embedded. There is no need to deny anything that is not according to our beliefs. Everything can be integrated in a fair manner in an integral frame that fits all and takes the best of anyone can offer. Our focus is on people’s best capabilities, cross points and synergies. Integration is a key point of our development concept.

Find inner balance before buying

The emotional consumption, main life model today, means a continuous race for meeting emotional needs that are coming from inside with material resources from outside, leading to an infinite consumption of the planet’s resources. The needs coming from inside should be met by inner development, based on an integral process of inner personal development.

Who offers more to the world wins the game. Generosity is the new pragmatism.

Unicorn’s fuel:

Excellence - We play full out to deliver our service. We target brilliance.


Kindness - We love both people and nature, thus we make money work for them. We aim at creating inside what we want to see outside.


Flexibility - We design, we test, we adapt, we grow.


Integrity - We offer and deliver trust. We are fair and straightforward.


Joy and passion - We work with passion, while smiling at complexity.