UNICORN’s Roadmap

To create UNICORNS we Explore – Integrate – Develop – Penetrate. We repeat that cycle for the whole life of the UNICORN.

The Explorer

We are curious about new ideas that can change the world. We eavesdrop around, we listen fully, we take all chances with no fear. We analyse every idea and choose our future UNICORN. We have the grit to innovate every step of the way.

The Developer

During the development process, we design the project’s concept and the implementation strategy. All concepts are tested and adapted to reality. We cover all steps, from organisation’s governance, appropriate financing structure, procedures, prototype to launched product and market strategy.

The Integrator

We integrate different stakeholders and create a harmonious entrepreneurial team:

  • Creative minds – people that create brilliant technologies and products;
  • Trust-givers - private equity investors, large investment funds, public actors, NGOs
  • Final beneficiaries - associations, business partners, individuals that reflect and give feed-back regarding how our products will better cover their needs.

The Penetrator

We don’t assume that the market will absorb our new ideas or technologies. We involve the beneficiaries in our product creation process. We create a minimum viable product, that will go through multiple innovation cycles, finally growing into a validated product. Sometimes we need to create a new market by better understanding the needs of our target beneficiaries and going deeper in solving the problem at the cause level instead of the effect level.

Sky is not the limit